Mana (Mind) is the roots of all powers

Mana (Mind) is the roots of all powers

No doubt health is very important and I spoke about many aspects of it. Today I am going to talk about the mind or Mana. All our sensory organs work with the help of the mind which is called ‘Mansa tattva’. Ayurveda and Yoga say that without mind ‘no sense organs can have any sense’. That is why the mind is considered to be the most important part of the human body. It is considered as both a sensory and a motor organ and is responsible for coordinating both perception and Action. There are two types of senses- sensory and motor-Mind is both. It is through the mind that we get attached or detached from the web of the world. We all lose and win through our minds. If the mind is happy and healthy, it is as if the Ganges flows nearby. That means happiness is a state of mind. The mind is a motor organ too and makes us do many activities. The mind is a sensory organ and makes all sense. The mind had been referred to as Manas in Yogshastras, Ayurveda, and other different scriptures. The mind has been addressed with different names- Chitta, Hridaya (heart) and Satva. There is a great importance of the mind as it is a conscious link between the sense
organs, motor organs, and soul. Some people believe that the mind resides in the heart as well as in the brain. The place of the mind is the hypothalamus in the brain. The Vagus nerves that originate from the brain are connected to the heart that is why when something comes to mind, the brain gets alert but excitement happens in the heart. If you look closely the activity
of the hypothalamus and heart has similar activity. Mind is everywhere because it is through him (Mind) that we do every activity. Whether the mind is in the body, brain, or everywhere, you do not have to run after it, you are not its servant. Mind is not your controller; you are the master of the mind. You should be the master and control your mind.

What is the function of the mind?

The main function of manas/mind is to interpret every data collected by the sense organs. What I felt, what I did, what I thought- all these actions are transported by the mind to emotional and intellectual senses. The mind has infinite power and we need to understand its capabilities. If you observe the emotions minutely you can divide them into thousands of kinds
the experiences affect our minds differently. Our activities affect our minds. The mind plays the main role in both kinds of ailments. Physical activities are controlled by the body and mental activities are controlled by the mind. So both these are interconnected and cannot be separated so we should try to keep our minds healthy. There are many ways like Dhyan, Bhajan, Sadhna to keep the mind healthy.

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