How Yoga changed my life

How Yoga changed my life

Our body is our home. It is very difficult to pin down the cause of any disease. Our health totally depends upon our inner home of memories, reactions, emotions, and habits. With the help of Pranayam, Yoga, and meditation we can keep our body, mind, and spirit tidy, pure and powerful. Once being very frustrated I saw my breathing process deteriorating and becoming too irregular. The breathing process deepens the health, physical activity, emotional levels, and other factors of a person.

One day, I walked out of my home in morning and I observed my body and mood changes according to the atmosphere. But it was only walking so I started moving fast and I started controlling my breath. I completed 2 breathing cycles in 1 Minute. Within 10 Minutes my body become warm, and in 15 min started sweating, which means I reversed the entire atmospheric effect with controlled breathing.

According to Yoga scriptures, Pranayama means prana (life) and Ayam (level). So pranayam means the level of life. Breathing is also termed prana which also means life. So conjointly pranayama means life-leveling. Pranayama is magic in itself and I recommend it to everyone.

One good habit of practicing pranayama can change our life.  A few years ago when I fell into a deep stress, I tried lots of things like medicines, exercises, and food etc.  All these things definitely helped me but whole credit goes to Pranayama because maximum of benefits come through it. Pranayama not only expanded my breath, it expanded my ability to live my life. Yoga balances tridoṣa, regulates thirteen agnis, and nourishes seven dhātus and ojas along with the purification of srotas, complete purification of sensory organs and mind, and achievement of self-awareness. This stage is known as perfect health in Āyurveda.

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