Are you obese?

Are you obese?

With the help of Ayurveda and yoga, we can get a long and healthy life and
wealth & fame. Good look and healthy life is a right of everyone. A person
with excess weight may be unhealthy. Excess fat can lead to various
disorders like cholesterol, heart disease, and blood sugar. Accumulation of
excess fat in the body is known as obesity. It is a major health concern affecting
people of all age groups.

WHO declared obesity as a global epidemic giving rise to the new term obesity?
In 2016, WHO global estimated as about 13% of the world's adult population (650 million adults & 41 million children) were obese. Obesity is a
metabolic disorder caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. In Ayurveda,
it is known as Atisthaulya and Sthaulya and the main causative factor
responsible for this is eating unhealthy food in excess.

Causes of obesity:
• Day-time sleeping
• Excess foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates
• Genetics, endocrine disorders, Medical Reasons, or Psychiatric illness
• Irregular food habits
• Lack of physical activities
• Unhealthy lifestyle

Symptoms of obesity:
• Breathlessness
• Excessive hunger.
• Excessive sleep
• Excessive sweating
• Feeling of tiredness.
• Foul body odor
• Lack of interest in physical activity.

Treatment and Preventive measures: Unhealthy lifestyle and food caused adipose tissue in the body resulting in weight gain and obesity. Prevention of obesity needed modifications such as dietary changes, Exercise and activity.
• Life Style modifications
• Exercise, Pranayam like Kapalbhati
• Brisk walk at least for 30 minutes
• Avoid sedentary habits.
• Avoid excessive sleep.
• Avoid watching TV while having food.
• Avoid Alcohol and Smoking
• Take Healthy foods such as – oat, barley (Yava ), Green gram (Moongdal), honey (Madhu), Indian Gooseberry (Amla), and skimmed Buttermilk.
• Include cabbage in daily meals. It will stop the conversion of sugars to fat.
• Use warm water with honey for drinking.
• Use lemon in diet and drinks.

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