Healing Home Wellness Club Ambassador Program

Healing Home Wellness Club is a community of passionate individuals working towards making this world a healthier place to live for ourselves and future generations.

Our Endeavour is to bring work-life balance and remain healthy from excessive stress, food habits, pollution, viruses, smoking/drinking leads to lifestyle disease such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac issues, joint pain, hair loss, obesity.

Healing Home Wellness Club is an attempt to develop a community of health enthusiasts, fitness buddies and partners in your nearby geography. We believe by helping and motivating each other we can fight the lifestyle diseases and strive to live an ailment free life.

How can you become Healing Home Club Ambassador

Are you a wellness enthusiast? Are you well connected in your community? Do you believe we shall live a chemical free lifestyle?

If are answer for above questions is YES, than you are welcome to join our ‘exclusive’ club ambassador program.

Benefits of Club Ambassadorship

Become wellness community leader

Promote healing home wellness products and build your own business

Certificate of being club ambassador

Invite to the special programs

Access to free wellness training sessions

Choose Our Plan

Bronze Badge

Silver Badge

Gold Badge

Platinum Badge

Exclusive Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Badge* for high achievers

Please fill the form below and we will invite you for a short interaction with our leadership team.

Once you are selected, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of Healing Home Club Ambassador in your city/community.

*you can achieve bronze, silver, gold or platinum status once you have fulfilled certain criteria. These will be highlighted in the agreement shared with you.