Importance of Yoga in Childhood

Importance of Yoga in Childhood

Today, Yoga has a deep impact on the human mind around the globe. However, there are some misconceptions about the real nature of Yoga in various circles, which need to be corrected by us. Yoga has proved its significance in many ways, be it the refinement of personality, inculcation of human values, or betterment of the family, society, and the nation. It makes us feel happy. Yoga is very important in childhood. Childhood is the unique gift of nature; in fact, childhood is the foundation of a healthy, happy, simple, and cultural life, and a strong nation. With the help of Yoga, they will be able to contribute
in a big way to the building up of a great nation with their healthy mind and body.
Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to enlighten them with the right knowledge of Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga in Childhood:

1. Anxiety management- Pranayam helps to reduce the level of anxiety in children. Some other yogic exercises and relaxation techniques also manage the stress level of Children.
2. Body awareness and mindfulness- A variety of yoga poses helps children to learn about their anatomy and physiology.
3. Body Flexibility- Daily practice of exercise improves body flexibility.
4. Body Strength- Yoga helps strengthen children’s growing bodies.
5. Calmness: Yoga and meditation promote mindfulness.
6. Concentration and memory- Routine practice of Pranayam improve concentration and memory.
7. Emotional management- Yoga and Pranayam improves their emotional regulation.
8. Immunity Management- Yoga and Pranayam promotes immunity in childhood.
9. Improve discipline and regularity- Yoga works on behavioral changes and

Yoga develops and nurtures both mental and physical balance through practice. It also works on emotional balance in our lives. The most important thing is during childhood Yoga can fit into any schedule and can be used as a wonderful tool to promote health and relaxation in children. Ayurveda also considers physical exercise as a very important aspect to keep the body healthy. Do Yoga and Be happy!

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