Congratulations!! You are pregnant!!!

Congratulations!! You are pregnant!!!

These words add colors to a woman's life. We are women of modern developed India and these types of words have taken a backseat in our life. We want to be better moms but before that we want to look glamorous, be career oriented,look for a suitable partner because after so many biases and restrictions we have educated ourselves.

India is changing positively since it got its Independence.Before independence,girls were married at an adolescent age, there were multiple births,infant and maternal mortality rate was too high.Family was not planned resulting in over population.Post independence, there is remarkable change.Technology has advanced giving more opportunities to women in every field and interesting part is that a women can conceive when she wants and by different scientific methods. It's true that technology can help in conceiving and at the time of birth of the child and during pregnancy as well but for a healthy offspring a healthy mother is needed rather a healthy womb is needed because the mother may deliver a child who might be a dignified personnel in the future. The health of women is so important for the nation. Care should be taken but not while pregnant but right from the beginning when that woman is in the adolescent stage.

According to the world health data" Indian females are malnourished".  An adolescent girl who is in middle school dreams to have a zero figure like a famous actress and starts crash dieting along with her middle aged mother who is more interested in having a nice figure. Both of them count calories, take supplements, various herbs , follow one day as cheat day, involve themselves in rigorous physical activity , and follow the recent health and diet trends. To be part of the society ,take a drink or two at social gatherings.  After these vigorous efforts,the increasing incidence of thyroid issues, obesity, vitamin D deficiency, type 2 diabetes, dysmenorrhea, polycystic ovarian disease , ovarian cysts, etc are of major concern.

Lifestyle changes and changes in food habits might help solve the problem and have a healthy womanhood starting from menarche to menopause.

Include rich sources of energy, protein, iron and calcium.

Do not include too many fast foods.

Whole cereals are far better than refined foods.

Avoid junk foods.

Include pulses, legumes, eggs, nuts, seeds such as sesame seeds , sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, small fishes , low fat meats ,milk, milk products, dark green leafy vegetables and fruits in the diet. 

Too much processed foods,soft drinks,products containing high fructose corn syrup , some oils , and monosodium glutamate  harm the body.

Do not adopt extreme"diets" meant to reduce weight or build muscles. Such diets are usually useless and sometimes dangerous.

Avoid too much fat rich or sugar rich foods.

Alcohol,smoke,drugs,tobacco has only harmed the body. Avoid unhealthy style statements.

Some herbs can have side effects in later life. Avoid the use of unknown herbs and spices and never overuse any food items as a" health food".

Pills , shakes, drugs to beautify the body may have after effects so always consult a medical professional before starting these types of products.

Every woman is unique and her body's a blessing. Do not experiment with it. 

Fluctuations of weight harm the body . Enjoying a month with good foods and then going on a crash dieting leads to poor feminine health.

Along with food , sunlight, physical activity , proper lifestyle and emotional wellbeing is important  for all females.

It is doleful to see career women trying their best to plan for motherhood and getting success after considerable efforts. Proper health and nutritional care is important for an adolescent so that she can emerge into a healthy woman. Enjoy womanhood. !!!

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