My life is too spicy..

My life is too spicy..

I am proud to be Indian. I like to follow the age old traditions and culture of my country. I am not orthodox and don't believe in dogmas but residing in various areas of my country and being a part of the modern world I like to connect the traditions and beliefs with science.

India is full of spices. Most of the spices of the world are grown here . And I like to use the spices in my daily routine.

My day starts with a big glass of lukewarm water with turmeric , then a cup of hot tea in which ginger , tulsi , liquorice , black pepper is added. Breakfast consists of rice flakes or semolina tempered with curry leaves , mustard seeds , turmeric , chat masala 

Lunch is pulses tempered with cumin seeds , asafoetida, bay leaf, turmeric , red chilli powder and garam masala. Green leafy vegetable sautéed with a little bit of poppy seeds. Vegetable curry added with garlic , ginger , cumin turmeric powder , coriander powder , chilli powder , dry mango. Hand rolled breads in which caraway seeds are added.Curd has a pinch of black salt .

Evenings are mostly khakra or roasted puff rice or rice flakes or dhokla tempered with curry leaves , mustard seeds , asafoetida, turmeric powder , red chillies , fenugreek seeds.

Dinner non veg or cottage cheese or pulse preparation and the spices used are green cardamom, cinnamon, black cardamom,cloves , black pepper, star anise , bay leaf, nutmeg, mace , all spice , cumin , ginger, garlic, turmeric, coriander, aniseed, caraway . Along with rice or hand rolled breads with a vegetable sautéed or curried with turmeric, coriander , garam masala and chillies. Dessert is mostly pudding seasoned with bay leaf and green cardamom and saffron. Mouth freshener is fennel seeds.

Day ends with a glass of cumin and fennel water.

So am I not a spicy Indian.

These are the normal days , but ..if I have a tooth ache, I chew cloves or a garlic pod and the toothache is gone. If I feel tired or hurt I drink a glass of lukewarm milk with turmeric powder . If someone is having menstrual cramps , I suggest having a cup of ginger tea. If the stomach is not cleared the next morning I will chew curry leaves,  the list is endless. Indian households have so many jars of a variety of spices which are used as remedies for health problems.

Proud to be so spicy.

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