LONG PEPPER : A part of Indian Garam Masala

LONG PEPPER : A part of Indian Garam Masala

We Indians are too spicy. We not only use round black pepper , we use long pepper.

It is cultivated in India to a limited extent. It contains alkaloids having a pungent pepper like taste and produces marked salivation and numbness of the mouth.The pharmacological effects are probably due to the alkaloids. It has volatile and fatty oils, resins , gum , starch and some inorganic matter. It contains an essential oil with a spicy odour resembling that of pepper and ginger oils.

It has therapeutic effects-

It is prescribed for bronchitis , cough , inflammation of the throat , tuberculosis, asthma, epilepsy .

Effective in Ischaemic Heart disease. It is considered in Ayurveda to be a heart stimulant.

Useful in certain types of gastrointestinal tract disorders. Believed to be a good tonic , digestive and antiseptic.

It is prescribed for indigestion (laxative ) and abdominal distension (carminative ).

It is considered to be a value in rheumatism and gout.

Long pepper is also prescribed for early stages of influenza. Believed to be used in the treatment of mumps.

Add flavour to your curries with Indian garam masala.


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