Increase your Health and boost up your Immunity

Increase your Health and boost up your Immunity

The immune system is a defense system in our body against any external infection. It is just like a warrior which protects our health from various disorders. When our body gets infected by any virus or bacteria, the immune system begins to fight against it. This immune system is of two types - naturally found and attained by eating right and exercising properly with a healthy life routine. To keep the body healthy, it is required to have a high-level immune system. Our immune system is essential for our survival. Without an immune system, our bodies would be open to attack from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more. It is our immune system that keeps us healthy as we drift through a sea of pathogens.

Everyone’s immune system is different but, as a general rule, it becomes stronger during adulthood as, by this time, we have been exposed to more pathogens and developed more immunity. That is why teens and adults tend to get sick less often than children.

The factors responsible for weakening the immune system:

  1. Bad nutrition: Consumption of junk and a lot of fried is not nutrition, these foods are processed which takes all the nutritional value out of the food. Good nutritious food is always good for the immune system such as green vegetables, nuts, milk, fruits, herbal tea.
  2. Pollution: Pollution always has an adverse effect on health and one has to be extremely safe from such a hard & Changing environment. Using a facemask is always recommended.
  3. Mental reason: Some mental reasons like tension and anxiety are equally responsible for weak immunity, to have mental peace, just enjoy your life and do what you love. Having said that we at healing home wellness has its own exclusive to join in
  4. Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol causes many diseases.
  5. Problem of Sleeplessness: Insufficient sleep is also causing many diseases.
  6. Lack of exercise: Exercise increases the efficiency of blood circulation. It also has a good impact on other functioning of the body. Lack of exercise may cause many serious illnesses.

Idea or Suggestions to keep the immune system healthy and balanced:

  1. Improve immune system with the help of yoga: Yoga makes our body flexible and properly builds the body. It also improves our sleep. Regular yoga increases our physical and mental health.
  1. Balanced food: A healthy food habit is a prerequisite for a strong immune system.
  2. Practicing yoga/exercise: Regular yoga helps improve our immune system.
  3. Proper and sufficient sleep: Proper sleep is very important for healthy living, try for a week's sleep on time and you will see a significant change in your mood, lifestyle, style of thinking.
  4. Balanced life: No to alcohol, smoking, weight control, good thinking, etc are some of the ways which increase the vitality of our immune system.

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