Importance of Astanga yoga

Importance of Astanga yoga

How is the mind related to health and Ashtanga yoga how yoga is a science of health or how is yoga a philosophy associated with health? In this story, we have been discussing these in detail. Is there a relationship between Ashtanga Yoga and body?

I hope You have understood that as Ayurvedic herbs and medicinal plants are essential for health, so is yoga required for good health. Ashta chakras have a great significance in Yoga.

Ashtanga yoga is eight limbs of yoga. The various forms of yoga practiced across the world today have originated from Ashtanga yoga. Ashtang limbs of yoga can be considered as steps to reach the state of Yoga Samadhi.

Yam, Niyama, asana pranayama, pratyahara Dharna Dhyana, Samadhi are all steps that take us to the state of yogi hood. If you think you would Practice them one by one, that is not how it works. They all are interconnected and we should practice them in a connected way and we should practice them together.

Once all these instincts have been cured you would feel your body is getting healed and once the body becomes healthy, the mind starts becoming peaceful and happy.

We should practice yoga Sadhana with complete surrender, belief, and commitment. Yoga sadhana brings peace and bliss to life. When this happens, you will be filled with knowledge and energy. When this energy gets transferred into yogis they are filled with more power and strength and they can accomplish such tasks that common people think are not possible to achieve.

Yoga is related to health. Yoga Sadhana can deliver divinity and can take our energies to the upper level. It can give us concentration. And once someone's mind becomes calm and focused, he starts traveling inside. Once our energy is awakened it travels throughout our body passing through Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna channels. This is the power of the mind and is uplifting. It becomes our consciousness. Sometimes we are in a good Satvik state of consciousness but suddenly our Guna changes and we go to Rajo guna or tamoguna. But with regular meditation, we can become more stable. When you meditate, you must have noticed, the matters that had never come to thoughts, start coming in mind, one after the other because all these thoughts lay accumulated in our subconscious mind. Slowly through meditation, we can control our Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna and become more Satvik.

The person during meditation can see or realize things that in normal life he would not. One can achieve the state of the yogi hood through chanting, worshiping, tapa and devotion. Self-consciousness can be awakened. The body and mind start getting transformed completely. There are new experiences and new visions.

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