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Make a Lasting Impression:


About us

Discover the perfect wellness gifts to show your appreciation and make a lasting impression. At Healing Home Wellness, we offer a curated selection of products that promote well-being and self-care. Choose from our range of premium items including herbal teas, essential oils, skincare sets, yoga accessories, and health supplements. Our collection features trusted brands known for their quality and effectiveness. Whether you're looking to thank clients, reward employees, or strengthen business relationships, Healing Home Wellness has the ideal corporate gift for you. Make a meaningful gesture with products that nurture the mind, body, and soul.


Dr. Ruchi Agarwal

Ruchi is a Ph.D. from the prestigious University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. For three generations, her family is charitably practicing alternative medicine. She has worked with ISB between 2016-2021.

Investor and Advisor

Dr. Manoranjani Sambangi

Dr. Manoranjani is a medical doctor based out of San Francisco, California.


Dr. Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil is a graduate of iconic Cambridge University and currently holds aleadership position at IIT Kanpur. He has advised hundreds of startups andraised millions of dollars in investmentss for the companies.


Dr. Tina Alton

Tina is the President and CEO of Nations of Women. She is a disruptive visionary tackling the World’s challenges of the 21st century. Tina is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and educational psychologist. In 2019 she was recognized as one of the UK’s most influential businesswomen, she’s also recognized as one of the best business mentors in the UK (SME UK Awards 2018 & 2019).