Collection: Ms. Naina Singh

Welcome to the world of Naina Singh, a multi-talented professional who embodies confidence, independence, and a diverse skill set.

Education & Language Expertise: Naina's academic journey reflects her commitment to excellence. She holds an MBA, B.Com (Hons), and M.Com, demonstrating her dedication to continuous learning. Fluent in German, she possesses a valuable asset for global communication.

Corporate Experience: Naina's career journey led her to HCL, where she excelled in the Onboarding department. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to efficiency made a lasting impact.

Artistry & Creativity: Beyond the corporate world, Naina is a gifted makeup artist. She honed her craft at the renowned Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy, mastering the art of enhancing natural beauty.

Confidence & Independence: Naina is more than her qualifications and experience; she embodies self-assuredness and independence in every aspect of her life.

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