Collection: Dt. Mallika Majumdar

With over two decades of dedicated experience in the field of dietetics, I am Dt. Mallika Majumdar, a passionate and highly qualified dietitian committed to improving lives through nutrition.

Education & Expertise: My journey began with an M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition, and I hold an ESPEN certificate in Critical Care, showcasing my specialized knowledge in critical nutrition support.

Corporate & Consulting: I have had the privilege of contributing to the well-being of individuals through associations with esteemed corporate hospitals. Additionally, I've served as a consultant for renowned food product companies including Abbott, GSK, Cadbury, and 24 Mantra. My work on brands such as Pediasure, Horlicks, and Bournvita reflects my expertise in nutritional product development.

Campaigns & Outreach: Currently, I proudly collaborate with ITC as a diet consultant for the "Happy Tummies" campaign, a testament to my commitment to promoting healthy eating. I extend my reach through online sessions where I share insights on various food and nutrition-related topics.

Blogging & Online Presence: As an active blogger at, I share valuable information, tips, and resources for a healthier lifestyle. My website,, is a hub for personalized diet plans and guidance.

Your Wellness Partner: My mission is to empower individuals like you with customized diet plans and support to shape a healthier, happier life. I look forward to assisting you on your journey to optimal health.