Are we really hungry at times?

Are we really hungry at times?


On weekends we go to watch movies or go shopping at the mall. What a pleasant aroma of buttered popcorn or burgers! We feel instant hunger and . munch. The aroma is irresistible. Actually we are unable to differentiate between "hunger", "appetite", "satiety".

Hunger is usually an unpleasant sensation that compels a person to seek food and eat it. It is a physiological condition which is associated with the contraction of the stomach. The contractions are forceful and occur for a period and then die away as the stomach passes into a resting stage. If food is not eaten , the contractions reappear later and with great intensity. There is a rumbling ,tense feeling and a feeling of emptiness. It further leads to weakness, irritability, occasional headache or even nausea.

Appetite is a pleasant sensation. It is for a certain kind of food. It is a desire.It is basically a psychological state. It is less localized than hunger.Temptation of eating chocolates or gulab jamuns or ice cream after a full meal is an appetite. Eating four rotis with the favorite veggies  instead of two normally is an appetite.

Satiety is the sensation accompanying the satisfaction of the desire for food that comes after eating. In Hindi, it is known as" tripti"or "santripti". It is basically not hunger but has less sensation than it. Hunger builds up slowly but satiety occurs rapidly.It is best observed when we are with our family and friends enjoying our favorite food.  Absence of this desire is an abnormal condition and termed as Anorexia.

Do not be HUNGRY, curb your APPETITE,feel the SATIETY from the food

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