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Buy 2 Herbal Tea, Get One Free


Where I can buy Healing Home wellness products?

You can purchase our products from our website itself and also our products are listed on e-commerce website like amazon and flipkart you can buy your favourite Healing Home Wellness products from there.

What is the shipping policy of Healing home wellness?

Days for delivery are provided for our products and on the applicable checkout pages. Delivery times can range from 3 to 15 days and can be unexpected owing to delivery service issues.

Are there any side effects from healing home wellness products?

It's unlike that you will suffer any negative effects from the products because all Healing Home Wellness products are made from natural substances without any adulteration and harmful chemicals in the creation process and properly lab tested products.

How do I place my orders?

Step 1: Visit the Home page of healing home wellness.
Step 2: Click on the product you want to purchase.
Step 3. Select the quantity of the product you want to buy.
Step 4: Then you will have two options for you , either ADD TO CART or BUY IT NOW , you can choose accordingly.
Step 5. If you choose ADD TO CART you have to go to cart and then click on checkout for further proceeding.
Step 6. Then you have to provide your shipping address and contact details after it you have to click on continue to payment.
Step 7. Then choose the payment method you’re comfortable with.
Step 8. Finally, select "Complete Order." your Order will be Placed successfully.

If you have any further questions, you can call our helpdesk at
Call - +91 7042 49696

Can I buy multiple products in a single order?

Yes. Simply place every item you want to purchase in your shopping cart, and then click "Check Out."

How safe is it to use my debit/credit card or make an online payment on Healing Home Wellness?

Both for Net banking and all card payments, we utilise the Razorpay payment gateway. These are common secure payment methods that allow us to guarantees the highest level of security for all of your online transactions with us. Once you input the SecureCode password for MasterCard cards or the Verified by Visa password for Visa cards, you will be taken to the page of your specific bank.

What is the range of location to which we ship our products?

We deliver goods all around India. There is no fee for shipping. All of our customers receive free domestic delivery from us.

Can I place my orders via call?

Currently, you cannot place orders over the phone. If you experience any problems with our website, please email us at or give us a call at , and we will help you.

How can I get the conformation of my order ?

You will receive an email confirmation and a confirmation message on the screen for all orders when you place one.

What are the safety measure that we follow in product development?

We put each of our goods through clinical testing to ensure its security and efficacy. Each product is manufactured with ayurvedic and plant-based components. Each product undergoes extensive research to ensure its effectiveness and safety. It must abide by stringent regulatory requirements before being made available to clients.

Is GST (Goods & Services Tax) included?

Yes GST(Goods and services tax ) included in the price of the products , also there are no additional charges in the purchase of product.

How does the delivery process work?

You must specify the shipping address for delivery when checking out. All of the deliveries are scheduled by reputable carriers. You will be given a tracking number and informed of the order's whereabouts

Why Healing home wellness is a good choice?

Ayurveda-based healing home wellness products aid in healthy digestion of food and boost metabolic activity in the body, both of which contribute to weight loss.

Where do we provide our feedback?

You can provide us with comments on Google or in our website's contact us page.

How we can become distributor of healing home wellness?

Healing home wellness provide you the facility to become a part of healing home wellness community by Purchasing 50 or more product at once and become the distributor of our products , you will get the discount of 40% on every order after becoming distributer.

How can we get updates and connect with healing home wellness?

For updates on Healing Home Wellness, you may follow us on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How healing home wellness is environment friendly?

Due to the fact that healing home wellness goods don't include any toxic chemicals during production and there isn't any leftover waste after use.

I have entered the wrong address/ details by mistake . what should I do?

Please contact us by email at as soon as possible, and we will take the necessary action.

What is your best selling product?

Haldi doodh is our best selling product .

Any other queries? You're welcome to ask below.