Collection: Ms. Surabhi Verma

My name is Surabhi Verma, and I am a passionate entrepreneur with a diverse educational background. I hold a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Telecommunication. Driven by my entrepreneurial spirit, I decided to pursue an MBA degree in International Business. which I successfully completed in 2019. This program provided me with a comprehensive understanding of global business dynamics, strategic planning, and international trade. After completing my education, I embarked on a new journey and founded my own clothing brand. Drawing upon my creativity, business acumen, and passion for fashion, I dedicated two years to building and managing my brand. It has been a challenging but immensely rewarding experience as I have been able to successfully run and grow my business.This I consider one of my significant achievements managing my clothing brand which has allowed me to combine my expertise in technology and business to create a unique and innovative brand. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly seeking opportunities for growth and innovation. I believe that my diverse educational background, coupled with my hands-on experience in running a successful business, positions me well for future endeavours.