Collection: Mrs. Priti Tripathi

Mrs. Priti Tripathi stands as a distinguished individual with a rich and diverse professional background, encompassing roles as a psychologist, sociologist, educationist, model, and wellness advocate. Holding M.A. degrees in both Psychology and Sociology, along with Nursery Teacher Training (NTT), she has demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence. Mrs. Tripathi has contributed significantly to the field of education, having taught in various schools nationwide, including in regions such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Ladakh, and Assam.

In her role as the former Principal of a school for differently-abled children, Mrs. Tripathi exhibited dedication to the holistic development of students, emphasizing the cultivation of life skills to enable independence in their day-to-day activities. Her passion for social impact is further evident in her active involvement in Family Welfare Activities for the families of Army personnel. Currently serving as Adhyaksh Matrishakti ABPSSP in Deoria (UP), she is devoted to resolving issues and providing support to Veer Naaris and families of soldiers.

Mrs. Tripathi's accolades include participation in the Mrs. Uttar Pradesh, Queen Virtue 2021 beauty pageant, where she clinched the prestigious title of Mrs. Golden Heart. This recognition underscores her impactful social work and the positive changes she has brought to people's lives. As the former Outreach Director of Indian Bravehearts, she passionately addressed critical issues such as menstrual hygiene and the health of women and the girl child.

Presently, Mrs. Priti Tripathi serves as the Club Ambassador of Healing Home Wellness, showcasing her dedication to promoting holistic well-being. Her commitment extends to her YouTube Channel, "Priti’s Paradise," where she shares insights on lifestyle, fitness, and healthy living.

Mrs. Priti Tripathi's professional journey reflects not only a versatile skill set but also an unwavering dedication to education, social welfare, and wellness advocacy. Her holistic approach and passion for positive change make her an inspiring figure across various facets of life.