Happy New Year and New COVID, fight it.

Happy New Year and New COVID, fight it.
It's a New Year. We all have new ideas,  new hopes,  new resolution,  new aims for a healthy life. But again a new variant of COVID,  the JN.1 variant. We have fought earlier and we all can fight again. 

We can follow certain rules to boost the immune system. 

1. If you don't feel well or feel tired don't force yourself,  take good rest and enjoy a short break.  

2. Please do not keep complete fasts if you are not comfortable.  Long fasts weakens the immune system.

3. Do not be empty stomach for a long period. Have a good breakfast. Breakfast is the main meal of the day.

4. Senior citizens,  diabetics,  hypertensive people,  please eat proper balanced meal. 

5. Do not eat plenty of fried foods,  refined foods, potatoes. 

6. Include dals, pulses, soyabean,  beans or rajma in your lunch and dinner. These are good source of protein.

7. Ensure to take a cup of whey protein daily. It helps in good gut health. 

8. Do not follow any fad diet such as keto diet, GM diet or any rumored diet if you have low feeling. Eat proper balanced meal.

9. Do not use any food supplements or health supplements without asking medical experts. Excess of metals is likely to harm the body.

10. Include a cup of curd or yogurt in your daily meal. Curd is a good source of calcium and probiotics. 

11. Cook the non veg food thoroughly.  Uncooked eggs, poultry , fish harbours bacteria which leads to stomach problems. 

12. Avoid raw vegetables or salad if you are eating out and concerned about hygiene. Do not overcook vegetables either. Overcooking destroys the vital nutrients. 

13. Include milk, cheese, rice, bajra, wheat, jowar, Bengal gram, peas, beans, groundnut,  soyabean,  cottonseed oil,  coconut,  sesame seeds, sunflower seeds in the diet. Vitamin E is essential for good health. 

14. Include green leafy vegetables,  cabbage,  carrots,  coriander leaves,  curry leaves,  radish,  spinach,  pumpkin, beetroot  tomatoes, onion,  oranges, papaya in the diet . Vitamin A, C is essential for strong eyes, skin and immunity.

15. Add garlic, ginger, lemon grass, tulsi, turmeric, jaggery in your diet. These are disease fighters.

16. Pray the Sun,  let the sunlight hug your whole body. 

17. Eat well,  eat right. Avoid processed foods. 

18. Exercise, aerobics or dance or yoga for some time. 

19. Sleep well. Good sleep is essential for strong immune system. 

20. Drink water. Stay hydrated but do not drink excess. 

21. Meditate and pray. It helps in good mental health. 

22. Deaddict yourself from alcohol and cigarettes. 

23. Alcohol and smoke weakens the immunity.  Please,  you are precious for the family. Strengthen it.

24. Smile for a reason or no reason. Positivity helps in building immunity. 

Follow these 24 instructions in 2024 to achieve a healthier lifestyle and fight against any variant of COVID.  

Happy Healthy New Year.
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