7 preventive ways to deal with seasonal change

7 preventive ways to deal with seasonal change

I live alone in Delhi; it becomes difficult to have everything in the kitchen to stay healthy. Now, how do you think one should deal with season change otherwise it hampers your studies, working life and worst part you cannot plan any trips. I also know many people wants to stay alone in a strange city, but have you ever thought change of city brings, change of weather, change of water, food and many things.

In Delhi it’s going to get freezing cold, your cozy blankets and warm jackets are out already. Everybody must have their own plans. You would find winter sale everywhere. Now, let’s talk about how you are going to stay strong by your immunity to enjoy the season. As the winter starts Delhi is grabbed by the arm of pollution, everybody has bad throat, mild fever and maybe a running nose too. Today I am going to give you 7 preventive ways to deal with seasonal change and have to got bonus points as well, So, keep reading.

I know, I know, It too tasty. Having peanuts & jaggery is the best snack my mother used to give me during winters and now I make by myself and store it in jar. Let’s watch upon why peanuts & jaggery. Research shows that peanuts boost your immune system and keep your heart healthy too. While you eat peanuts it helps in anemia too. Now why the tasty jaggery? Well firstly its better than sugar and healthy too. During winters you get fresh jaggery since it’s the season of sugar cane and it builds up to fight against cold and cough. So no missing parents teachers meeting, evening walks, parties, gym, dates & other events too.

  • Rethink your nutrition intake.

When the season change, you change your clothes, but do you change your food too?

Let’s start from warm vegetables which are good for your body as well. Just like, root vegetables like carrot, potato, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, beets. There are vegetables for healthy heart as well such as palak, methi, sarson, muli and pundina. I am sure as the winter stands on your door the urge to have hot masala tea and coffee must have triggered you. Do you know it does no good to your body rather give you an extra dose of bad calorie. In Delhi I have started to consuming Healing Home Wellness Herbal tea, Ohh It’s just heaven. It’s keep me away from seasonal problem and also boosts my immunity as I stay alone and I go to bed rest it would be a problem. Before I go to bed, I prefer Haldi Doodh by Healing Home wellness which has got Ayurveda Haldi not any normal haldi. My mother is impressed by my skills these days.

  • Gargling:

Firstly, it helps to keep my oral clean and tidy while protecting my gums. It also prevents, cavities, periodontitis, gingivitis. It also prevents you from upper respiratory illness.

  • Stay Active

It’s extremely important to stay active irrespective of season. Indulge yourself in high intensity exercise, it will help you to keep away from regular problems and you would look great too. Also, it will always help you to build a good routine, and which will turn in building great life.

  • Drinks lots of Water

Naturally, available source of mineral that is water. Drink 2-3 liter of water every day. Water will keep your system clean and remove all the toxins, carry nutrition to the blood cells.

  • Winter Skin Trouble

Winters bring all the skin problems dry & itchy skin is the major one. Skin care in winter is a must and this should include applying a good moisturizer, sunscreen, increase the intake of water and keep yourself safe from pollution.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for health; it has its own known problems. It increases chances of respiratory problems, think about yourself, your family, friends before indulging in such activities. Quit smoking will transform your life upside down and will also enhance your taste, smell and thinking power.


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